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Oku Yame Gift Set

“To eat is to be happy” - based on great ingredients. Dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) and yokan (sweet bean jelly) from a true Japanese cuisine restaurant which is really stylish.

Edo Miyage

Using the same recipe, but different ingredients, for a hundred years.Ebisen from a purveyor to Edokko (people born and raised in Edo - modern day Tokyo).

Sencha Meijin Kentarou

A Sencha tea which is named after a true tea expert.It is by a tea store which is connected to Ise Grand Shrine and which has brought a fresh wind to the tea business world.

Japanese Restaurant Foods

Generous gifts made by Japanese top restaurants

Japanese Sweets

Top selling Japanese sweets selected by Japanese gourmets
Edo Miyage (Box) Edo Miyage (Box)
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Baum Chips Baum Chips
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Japanese Health Drinks

Tea and Dashi that are traditional Japanese Healthy food

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You can search japanese food by sightseeing spots