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A Special Product from Kyushu - Donko Shiitake

A Special Product from Kyushu - Donko Shiitake


Thick, meaty delicious log-grown Donko Shiitake

Grown within a strict environment, these mushrooms absorb the nutrients from the logs they are organically grown on until they are ready for harvesting, they are then dried on the same day they are picked. It is a truly masterful food ingredient which has been cultivated by the natural climate of the wind, sun and rain. Shiitake mushrooms are categorized by the condition of their cap, for a Donko Shiitake the mushroom must be harvested before the cap has opened about 70%.

As the cap is not completely open, it is characterized by a thick, meaty body and is quite chewy when you eat it. In addition, it is said that one of the big talking points about this mushroom is that the dry shiitake mushroom contains a lot of the umami ingredient guanylyl acid. As it can be used from anything from fried cooking and boiling, to adding it to dashi (soup stock), you can really enjoy the texture, flavor and umami of dried shiitake mushrooms in many different ways. It is a gift that anyone who likes cooking will love.

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Brand Foody’s
More Information
More Information
Product Name A Special Product from Kyushu - Donko Shiitake
Brand Foody’s
Price $37
Packing Size(length x width x height) 360x 285x46
Preservation Method Room temperature
Expiration Date Consume within 365 days
Contents 140g
[Gross weight]: 538g
[Ingredients]: Log-grown shiitake
[Packaging]: Gift box
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