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Aigamo Farmed Rice (2kg)

Aigamo Farmed Rice (2kg)


The "duck family"of Furuno Farm have been growing crops for 39 years without ever using chemical fertilizers, agricultural chemicals or herbicide.

Their rice is grown organically using fermented organic fertilizer and homemade compost.
27 years ago they started a new kind of paddy rice (wet field in which rice is grown) whereby ducks were allowed in the field during the day.
The result of this was that by allowing the young ducks into the fields from the beginning of summer they would eat the weeds and insects, and their feces acted as a good fertilizer for the rice, making it delicious.

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More Information
More Information
Product Name Aigamo Farmed Rice (2kg)
Price $15
Preservation Method Keep out of sunlight and high temperatures
Expiration Date Polished rice – expiry date is written on the bag
Allergies Dried in a machine which is also used for drying wheat and rye
Contents 2kg bag of rice

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