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Itsuki Yokan (Hakko Sashisuseso Yokan Itsuki, a set of 15)

Itsuki Yokan (Hakko Sashisuseso Yokan Itsuki, a set of 15)


Juicy round sweet bean jellies. Popped out by piercing with a toothpick.

Based on the concept of "tasty and healthy Japanese confectionery," “Gokokuya” combined five grains (gokoku) which has passed down since ancient times and fermentation ingredients to produce the original confectionery.

“Itsuki Yokan” was served at the reception hosted by Japanese Government for "The 72nd United Nations General Assembly” in New York in 2017. Sweet bean jellies with five flavors are packaged into bite-sized servings.

Each taste represents five changing seasons (Spring, Summer, mid-Summer, Fall, Winter). A set consists of five flavors and colors: Sake (transparent), Matcha and salted koji (green), Apple vinegar (red), Soy sauce koji (brown), and White miso (light yellow).

This product is the blessings of nature produced by five fermentation ingredients (sake, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso). Juicy round sweet bean jellies. It will pop out by piercing with a toothpick. Enjoy the lovely shape as well as the flavors.Pierce and peel the thin rubber-like skin with a toothpick (included) to eat.

* Please note that small pieces of the skin might remain when you break the jelly. It is recommended to be careful when you eat.

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More Information
More Information
Product Name Itsuki Yokan (Hakko Sashisuseso Yokan Itsuki, a set of 15)
Price $43
Packing Size(length x width x height) 210 x 140 x 51
Preservation Method Room temperature
Expiration Date Consume within 30 days
Contents Total 15: Sake x3, Matcha and salted koji (green tea & salt & aspergillus oryzae) x3, Apple vinegar x3, Soy sauce koji x3, White miso x3
[Sake] agar・sake・starch syrup・sugar
[Matcha and salted koji] sugar・sweet white bean paste・starch syrup・rice-malt・agar・salt・powdered (ground) green tea・chlorella dried raw material powder・alcohol
[Apple vinegar] sugar・dextrin・agar・apple vinegar・starch syrup・thickening stabilizer (gum arabic)・coloring (anthocyanin) *(Some ingredients containing apples)
[Soy sauce koji] sugar・adzuki beans・reduced sugar syrup・starch syrup・rice-malt・agar・soy sauce・salt・alcohol *(Some ingredients containing wheat and soybeans)
[White miso] sugar・sweet white bean paste・white miso (rice, soybeans, salt)・starch syrup・agar・salt・alcohol・vitamin B2 *(Some ingredients containing soybeans)
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