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Iwate Kenmin Soy Sauce 12 200ml bottles (1 case)

Iwate Kenmin Soy Sauce 12 200ml bottles (1 case)


While maintaining the same taste, this is a ground-breaking reduced salt soy sauce where salt has been cut by 25%.

The palate of the people living in the severely cold region of Tohoku region tends to be towards strong tastes. Kurabiryori Soy Saucer maker in Iwate Prefecture is no exception to this rule and it has become a big issue for local people that there is a high stroke mortality rate.

So, in order to overcome this situation, Iwate’s soy sauce brewers gathered together their energy and abilities!! They worked together to develop Iwate Kenmin Soy Sauce, a reduced salt soy sauce which can be enjoyed every day without worrying about seasoning! Iwate Kenmin Soy Sauce not only has had a 25% reduction in salt in comparison to traditional thick soy sauces, but also the ingredient mineral "K" (potassium) discharges extra salt from the body.

This makes it a really ground-breaking product as the body’s actual salt intake is about half as that which would be ingested by a normal soy sauce. As its taste is no different to a normal soy sauce you can still consume the same amount as you usually would, and if you aim to steadily enjoy this product over a longer period of time then you can expect even more salt reduction effects on your body.

It has a taste which comes from 90 days of brewing and it comes in a double structured bottle.

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Ingredient Names: Soy sauce (containing soybeans and wheat), fermented seasoning (sugar, rice, and rice-malt), Wakame kelp, Kombu kelp, and alcohol.

Please sprinkle this on ingredients as a kind of seasoning to be used just as it is.

More Information
More Information
Product Name Iwate Kenmin Soy Sauce 12 200ml bottles (1 case)
Brand Asanuma Soy sauce Shop
Price $44
Preservation Method Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool and dark place.
Expiration Date Consume within 365 days
Allergies Wheat and soybean
Contents 1 case: 12 x 200ml bottles


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