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Kazunoko (herring roe) Gift Kirameki

Kazunoko (herring roe) Gift Kirameki


What is this?! It’s tasty!

Iwanai Town in Hokkaido was developed as a herring fishery during the Meiji Period (1868-1912), but the harvest of herring has not kept up with modern times. However, our enthusiasm for fishery processed products has not disappeared. We thought that we don’t want to enjoy it just around the New Year holidays, but throughout the year. We really have a passion for it!

“Top-class Delicacy Kazunoko" was born as one of our new ideas. The mellow aroma distinctive to this delicacy fills your mouth, together with a popping sensation as each egg bursts open. Herring roe has long been thought of as an auspicious food which conveys wishes for future prosperity. It is the perfect gift to give to someone important to you. We will deliver it in a luxurious paulownia box.

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Chinmi Kazunoko ・Open the bag, you can enjoy eating it just as it is. It goes well together with wine or beer.
・Cut a small portion and try mixing it with pasta or on a cheese mini pizza. Kazunoko Wine Soy Sauce
・Try it on Chinese style soup dumplings, seafood salad or raw egg mixed with white rice! It also goes well with meat and gyoza (dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing).

Gourmet's Comments


I think that the box, and the way the contents have been divided, is really refined and it makes it a great souvenir. In addition to that, the taste is the absolute best. Personally I am not a fan of herring roe, but I found I couldn’t stop eating it. The taste is refined and refreshing, and I couldn’t help but notice the aftertaste. I really recommend this product. (Information Communication/IT - Secretary - 20 years, 2 months)

When I ate Dried Kazunoko for the first time I was struck by how delicious it was and it made me want to buy it and take it home right away. I thought it is perfect for older people, or anyone who likes drinking sake. I think it’s great, it can be easily used and stored, and it isn’t a burden for colleagues to carry. (Manufacturing Industry - Secretary - 4 years)

It is really bursting with flavor, and the taste goes well with sake. Besides the packaging itself, I think the entire contents are easy to use for souvenirs. As it is a set of heavy goods (soy sauce) and light goods (Kazunoko), it seems like it has a good overall size and weight. (Trading Industry - Secretary - 1 year, 2 months)

More Information
More Information
Product Name Kazunoko (herring roe) Gift Kirameki
Brand CorporationMaruryo NozawaStore
Price $52
Packing Size(length x width x height) 210 x 176 x 70
Preservation Method Store at room temperature, and refrigerate after opening.
Expiration Date Chinmi Kazunoko: 60 days at room temperature *Kazunoko Wine Soy Sauce: Consume within 1 year
Allergies Wheat
Contents Kazunoko Wine Soy Sauce 150ml
Dried Kazunoko 2 packets of each of 3 flavors (15g each) ・3 flavors: White soy sauce flavor, cod flavor, and yuzu flavor.
Dried Kazunoko White Soy Sauce Flavor
Herring roe (Canada), deep-ocean water, soy sauce, sugar, dried bonito extract, vegetable protein hydrolysate, table salt, brewed vinegar/seasoning (amino acid), ph regulating agent, and food preservatives (sorbic acid K). *Ingredients also contain wheat, soybean and mackerel. Yuzu Flavor
Herring roe (Canada), deep-ocean water, vegetable protein hydrolysate, table salt, sugar, Yuzu (Citrus junos) juice, brewed vinegar/seasoning (amino acid), ph regulating agent, and food preservatives (sorbic acid K). *Ingredients also contain wheat and soybean. Cod Flavor
Herring roe (Canada), deep-ocean water, soy sauce, fermented seasoning, glucose syrup, cayenne pepper/(amino acid etc.), sorbitol, food preservatives (sorbic acid K), monascus red coloring, and spice extract. *Ingredients also contain wheat and soybean. Kazunoko Wine Soy Sauce
Soy sauce (made in Hokkaido), whey (made in Hokkaido), herring roe, deep-ocean water (from Hokkaido), sugar (made in Hokkaido), red wine (made in Hokkaido), table salt, brewed vinegar, yeast extract, unrefined soy sauce, chicken extract, sauté garlic paste, konbu kelp (made in Hokkaido), scallop extract, white pepper powder/alcohol, thickening agent (processed starch and xanthan), and vitamin B1.
*Ingredients also contain dairy products, wheat, soybean, and chicken and pork meat.

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