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Melt-in-your-mouth Cookies!

Melt-in-your-mouth Cookies!


A chocolate cookie with a new melt-in-your-mouth texture that you will never have tasted before.

WAKANA is a cake shop with a goal to make confectionary which is delicious, safe and comforting, while only using select locally sourced ingredients. We can deliver to our customers our perfected handmade melting chocolate cookies called "Kagamino Horori."

It is a new food texture which we have been in pursuit of, and have developed, so that even though it contains chocolate it still seems to crumble as it melts in your mouth, and although it is a cookie it melts away into nothing.

“Kagamino Horori" is made using couverture chocolate from Belgium and wheat from Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture (called Tsuyama Hohoemi), and as a cake bakery we are able to bake the cookie at exactly the right temperature.

It is by using a 50:50 proportion of a carefully selected Belgian top-grade couverture chocolate that you can experience how soft it is in your mouth, and really feel it “horori" or melt! Even if you only try it once, we are sure you will be hooked.

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Please store this product below 25 degrees Celsius. As it contains chocolate it will melt if it is subjected to high temperatures. During the summertime if you try putting it in a refrigerator to eat it cold you can enjoy a different textural experience, and a change in how it tastes.

Gourmet's Comments


I was taken aback by how gentle it tastes. I also thought that it’s great that each cookie is individually wrapped and has an expiration date of one month. It is definitely my first choice as a souvenir to give to work colleagues. (Manufacturing Industry - Secretary - 2 years, 4 months)

As each cookie is individually wrapped I found that I can easily give them out to my many female clients. The different colors look great too. It is also brilliant how the cookie texture can really move you to tears of joy! (Broadcasting, Advertising, Publication, Mass Communication - Secretary - 7 years)

It is the perfect souvenir for a busy office. Especially I would like to give this to clients who have colleagues who enjoy good food and aren’t satisfied with ordinary cookies. (Education, Research - Secretary - 10 years, 9 months)

More Information
More Information
Product Name Melt-in-your-mouth Cookies!
Brand Patisserie WAKANA
Price $22
Packing Size(length x width x height) 215 x 190 x 60
Preservation Method Room temperature
Expiration Date 30 days
Allergies Milk, wheat and soybean
Contents Gross weight: 470g
Sugar, margarine, cocoa butter, cacao mass, corn starch, skimmed milk powder, flour, invert sugar, kudzu powder, green tea sauce, strawberry sauce/emulsifier, flavoring agent, acidifier, and food coloring (carotene, lake (gum-lac), gardenia blue, safflower yellow). In addition wheat, milk and soybean is used to make this product.
Packaging: Gift box

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