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shopping Terms and conditions
These terms and conditions set forth the necessary provisions when you shop using the “Nihon Gurunavi temiyage (” services (“Services”), which are managed and operated by Gurunavi Inc. (“Gurunavi”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully when shopping through the Services. By using the Services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. Transactions carried out through the Services

All transactions that you carry out through the Services are carried out between you and the store selling on this site (“Store”). If an issue arises concerning the transaction, the issue is to be resolved between you and the Store.

2. Accounts

(1) Gurunavi provides you with an ID and password (“Account”) required for using the Services. You are to personally take responsibility for using and managing the Account provided to you.

(2) You can not carry out any acts such as assigning or lending the Account to a third party.

(3) In the event that an Account is stolen or used by a third party without authorization, etc., you are to notify Gurunavi to that effect immediately, and follow Gurunavi’s instructions.

(4) In the event that Gurunavi confirms by its own prescribed method that the Account details entered when using the Services matches the registered Account, Gurunavi will deem that the Account was used by you, and even if the Account was used by someone other than you due to theft, unauthorized use or other circumstances, we will not take any responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused by such use.

(5) If you use a third party’s Account without authorization and a third party or Gurunavi incurs damages, you will be responsible for paying compensation for any damages arising from such use.

3. Procedures for ordering, shipping, and receiving products

(1) The contract between you and the Store is established once you have completed the purchasing procedures, and the Store has confirmed completion of those procedures.

(2) The Store will confirm that the products are in stock after you have completed payment for the ordered products. If after checking, it is found that a product is out of stock, the Store may cancel the order for the product.

(3) We can not cancel or change details of orders at your discretion after you have completed the payment procedures.

(4) When ordering, please fully check the laws and regulations of the country designated in the shipping address for the products. Even if ordered products can not be delivered to the

recipient due to the products being refused clearance at customs, etc. in the shipping country, we will not provide a refund for the products or shipping costs. We ask for your advance understanding regarding this.

(5) You are to pay for necessary expenses relating to the ordered products, such as customs duties required in the designated shipping country.

(6) Gurunavi and the Store will not be responsible for the deterioration of products due to time elapsed in the event you were unable to take delivery of the products due to your absence, etc.

(7) In the event that the shipper can not identify you, or you refuse to accept the products, the Store may destroy the products without your express consent.

(8) In addition to the above, please check the “Nihon Gurunavi temiyage User Guide” and the pages of each Store regarding procedures for orders, shipping, and receipt of products.

4. Disclaimers

(1) The products, etc. purchased by you through the Services are handled by the Store. Gurunavi takes no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of products and services provided by Stores, details listed on the pages of each store, and all activities at Stores, including handling of personal information.

(2) Gurunavi makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding the accuracy and usefulness of information concerning Stores, or their products and services.

5. Inquiries regarding the Services

Contact us here regarding questions, etc. concerning the Services.
Date Established: 13 Feb, 2018