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Terms of use

These terms of use (“Terms of Use”) for the “Gurunavi Japan temiyage” website set forth matters for users to note and comply with when using the “Nihon Gurunavi temiyage” website (“Site”), which is managed and operated by Gurunavi, Inc. (“Gurunavi”).

Users are asked to carefully read the Terms of Use when using the Site.

By using the Site, it is deemed that users have agreed to the Terms of Use.

1. About Site services

(1) Site services

While Gurunavi provides services through the Site for the distribution, etc. of information (“Information”) concerning products that are manufactured or sold by restaurants and other stores, in the future various services (services provided by Gurunavi on the Site in the future are collectively referred to as “Services” hereinafter) may be added, changed, or removed at Gurunavi’s discretion.

(2) No guarantees concerning Information

While Gurunavi permits users to access the Information in using the Site, it provides no guarantee regarding the accuracy, usability, and legality of the Information, or that it doesn’t infringe on the rights of third parties. In addition, Gurunavi takes no responsibility for any and all damages arising as a result of downloads or access via the search service on the Site.

(3) No guarantees concerning provision, etc. of the Services

Gurunavi takes no responsibility for users having used, or not being able to have used the Information, nor will it take responsibility for any disputes or issues, etc. that may arise between users and persons providing information to Gurunavi (“Information Providers”) as a result of, or in connection with the Services. Such disputes and issues, etc. are to be resolved directly between users and Information Providers.

Gurunavi provides no guarantees that there won’t be any suspension in the provision of Services to users, or that access to Services is secure, and free of errors.

(4) Suspension and termination of provision of Services

While Gurunavi permits users to use the Services, it may delay, suspend, or terminate provision of the Services without notifying users in advance in any of the following circumstances. If users incur any damages as a result, Gurunavi will be exempted and not liable for any compensation for damages.

1) When carrying out work required to manage and maintain the Systems, such as repairs, inspections, and construction on electrical, telecommunication and other equipment to provide the Services, or on hardware, software and other equipment that make up the Systems to provide the Services (collectively “Systems”).

2) When updating or repairing the Site.

3) When the supply of electricity or provision of telecommunication lines required to provide the Systems are suspended due to reasons attributable to the providers, or we are unable to access a stable supply or provision thereof.

4) When the Systems fail and it is difficult to provide the Services.

5) When it is difficult to provide the Services due to disaster, natural calamity, war, unrest, labor disputes, fire and other force majeure.

6) In addition to the preceding items, when Gurunavi determines it necessary to stop or suspend provision of the Services.

(5) Inquiries concerning Information Providers

Please contact Information Providers directly concerning services provided by Information Providers, contents posted on the Site, and handling, etc. of personal information by Information Providers.

2. Privacy policy

All user registration information and information Gurunavi obtains concerning users is handled in accordance with Gurunavi’s privacy policy.

3. Compliance with terms

Gurunavi and Gurunavi’s partners may set forth separate terms concerning use of the Site and Services. In such cases your agreement with those terms is a condition of use, so please read each of the terms carefully to ensure compliance with them.

4. Prohibited acts

The following acts are prohibited in regards to use of the Site and the Services. If any of the terms are breached, Gurunavi may stop the user from using the Site and the Services, stop transactions, or refuse any subsequent transactions. In addition,

if any damages are incurred by Gurunavi as a result of such breaches, the user will be liable for compensating Gurunavi for those damages.

1) Violating laws and regulations.

2) Violating public order and morals.

3) Violating the terms set forth by Gurunavi

4) Violating the copyrights, image rights, and intellectual property rights such as trade secrets, honor, privacy, and all other rights of Gurunavi, Gurunavi’s partners, other users, Information Providers, and other third parties.

5) Changing or deleting displays concerning copyrights and other rights displayed by Gurunavi, Gurunavi’s partners, other users, Information Providers, and other third parties.

6) Collecting or accumulating personal information of other users irrespective of the method.

7) Assuming another person’s identity to carry out a transaction, entering false information, and other fraudulent acts.

8) Using this Site for commercial purposes and without permission.

9) Using the Site and the Services in a way that may interfere with the operation or provision thereof

10) Using hardware, software, or programs that may interfere with the operation or provision of the Site and the Services.

11) Acts that interfere with use of the Site and the Services by a third party

12) Attempting to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, decrypt or discover the source code of the System.

13) In addition to the preceding items, acts that Gurunavi determines to be inappropriate.

5. Links

In some cases, this Site may contain links to other websites or resources, or third party websites and resources may link to this Site. In such cases, since Gurunavi doesn’t manage said websites and resources, it takes no responsibility with respect to the usage and results thereof. Users are asked to confirm the separate terms of use for said sites and resources.

6. Cookies, etc.

To analyze users’ access history and usage status, and to provide other users with optimal services, Gurunavi collects information on each user’s IP address when accessing the Gurunavi server, or mobile phone device identification numbers when the server is accessed with a mobile phone, and we collect information on your access history, etc. by using cookies technology. If a user’s browser settings are set to refuse cookies, it may limit use of the Services.

7. Trademarks and Copyrights, etc.

Content posted on the Site (including the Information, data, software, music, sound, photographs, images, visuals, videos, and messages, etc., hereinafter “Gurunavi content”) are owned by Gurunavi, or are used by Gurunavi with proper authorization or permission, and are protected by copyright laws.

Users may, only for private non-commercial purposes, download store information and maps, etc. posted on the Site, and may to a reasonable degree, print out pages for use.

Unauthorized duplication, public transmission, revision, alteration, commercial use, and posting and copying to third-party websites is a violation of Gurunavi’s copyrights and property rights, and is deemed to be a copyright infringement.

8. Revisions, modifications and changes to Terms of Use

Gurunavi will revise the Terms of Use from time to time as necessary. Therefore, please be sure to check the Terms of Use every time you use the Site. By using the Site after the Terms of Use have been revised, it will be deemed that you have agreed to the revised Terms of Use.

9. Language

The Japanese language is the governing language for all content where a Japanese language version is provided on the Site, including notices and user guides, etc. While translations have been provided in languages other than Japanese for users’ reference, only the Japanese version is effective, and content translated into other languages will have no effect.

10. Governing Law

The legal relationship between users and Gurunavi (including the interpretation and application of the Terms of Use) will be governed by the laws of Japan. In the event that the need arises for legal action between users and Gurunavi, the Tokyo District Court will have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

Date Established: 13 Feb, 2018